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Silent Strangers' Christopher Lombardo was born September 12th, 1988. He has been involved with music since an early age. His parents enrolled him in piano lessons at age 6. In highschool he was involved with numerous bands, playing synth and keyboards, growing weary of the dispassionate and uninspired, he traded the human band mate, for the cold calculation of the computer.
Started by Christopher Lombardo in 2008, Silent Strangers (Si.St) has since gone on to produce a collection of albums, Finger Breather [self released via torrent networks], and the four part Anagram series (released on IDMf and Section Twentyseven netlabel).
Although commonly categorized as IDM or Experimental Electronica, the stated goal of Silent Strangers' music is to bring non-conventional elements into music, creating music that challenges the listen from the mainstream conventions of modern music.
Hailed as “Complex, Sequenced and Evolving Synthetic Music”, the music of Silent Strangers is hard to define in it's experimental nature. Taking multiple elements of music, sound design, and live recordings, Silent Strangers seems to create a strange fusion of digitalized experimental music, painstakingly assembled, piece by piece into a complex and multi-layered overture of synthetic music.

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